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A Recent Study Indicated:

  • Fact, travel is the world’s largest industry. With an astounding figure of over $7 Trillion spent annually across the globe, and an anticipated growth projection that puts it on track to double in the next 4-6 years.
  • Forrester Research reported that 73% of US Households are online and 82% of Travel Bookings are initiated and handled online. In fact, according to CNN Money, Travel is the single largest category or e-commerce, accounting for about 43% of all online spending.
  • According to the results of TripAdvisor’s 4th annual vacation rentals survey, 49% of U.S. travelers have stayed or are planning to stay in a rental home this year.
  • With the explosion of the Internet and the popularity of mobile devices more travelers are going to the Internet to research and book their vacation.
Is your vacation rental being found in search engines?

Aggressive Vacation Rental Marketing Campaigns

Through our proven vacation rental marketing system we’ll place your investment home in front of interested travelers to get your property booked, guaranteed!. We will market your vacation rental on premier travel websites, blogs, forums and directories; but thats not all. We’ll market your rental on popular social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google+ and more. Our vacation rental marketing campaigns are designed to make your property stand out from the abundance of accommodation options available online.

Our vacation rental experts will also promote your holiday home on our exclusive vacation rental sites like Troll Traveler, Fantastic Vacation Homes and dozens of others vacation rental listing sites; all created especially to advertise our your specific vacation rental property.

Villa Marketers will market your vacation rental, cottage, resort, B&B, or boutique hotel, like no other. Our team of vacation rental advertising agents will promote your property aggressively throughout a vast network of marketing outlets on the internet. We will help you reach a wider audience by marketing your vacation home both locally and internationally.

if used properly, classified websites can be a very effective form of advertising your villa. However the duty of advertising is a never ending, grueling task for vacation rental homeowners trying to get rental bookings. This is a job that needs a dedicated marketing team to manage ads and post new ones. in over 200 listings and directories to keep your vacation home on the top and current. Get more bookings and get your villa noticed with our aggressive vacation rental marketing campaigns!

Expert Keyword Research & Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Imagine the possibilities of your property being found in the top search results of Google. Vacation rental owners get found on Google when they use keywords in their marketing and website. Bring the power to your vacation rental marketing campaign with keywords. Keyword research is the process of meticulously selecting search terms that your targeted audience will search for in search engines like Google. Professional keyword research will give your property a greater opportunity to be found on the web. Our SEO force will investigate and research the terms you will need to have success online today. Keywords should be at the heart of your marketing What good is a website if no one can find you? These techniques will greatly help your visibility online.

"Power House" Domain Name Research & Hosting

It all starts with a powerful domain name for your vacation rental website. But which domain name is best for your vacation rental business? The wrong domain name will help a website to fail.The right domain name will possess great power, we call these “Power House” domain names. Let us help you get started right by researching the best domain name that utilizes keywords that will attract targeted travelers to your vacation rental website.

Vacation Rental Website Design & Development

Your vacation rental website is the most powerful tool you have to market your vacation rental. If you don’t have a vacation rental website, the fact is you’re not maximizing your rental income. As an owner having your own website gives you the power to market your property like the professionals do and to earn your own income. Your website should be your business hub. This is why a vacation rental website template, V.R. website builder or quick microwave type of villa website just won’t cut it, if your goal is to achieve true success. Our property websites are of the highest quality, search engine friendly and SEO strong, there simply is not a better option available than Villa Marketers!

Vacation Rental Resort Photography & Virtual Tours

Vacation rental marketing statistics have proven that your vacation rentals photography affects the amount of inquiries you receive. The internet is all about content and the quality of it. If you want to be successful with your rental property, take amazing photographs and get plenty of those photos. We offer a full array of professional vacation rental photography services, 360 virtual tours and HD video property tours. Our vacation rental photography services will showcase and help your home get more often.

Video Production, Marketing & Online Distribution

YouTube announced that more than 100 million videos per day are being watched on the website. We’ll either create a video for your vacation rental or market an existing video you already developed. A video is truly an amazing piece marketing material for several reasons. An HD video can help present your website to travelers in a professional way. In addition to your superior property presentation a video can generate inquires because your video gets found in Google. We will do it for you!

Vacation Rental Booking Monitors

Villa Marketers we’re your vacation rentals experts and we can prove it. Our online marketing system will deliver accurate statistics of visitors to your vacation home website and to your virtual tour quarterly. There are an abundance of variables that can affect the marketing results of your vacation home. Booking monitors will keep track of the number of incoming reservation request for your property. In the event that your rental bookings slow down our marketing team is alerted and we begin an aggressive ad campaign to boost those all so important vacation rental bookings, always keeping you on top. Having a booking monitor keeps us accountable for your advertising with marketing and visitor statistics. This means you get consistent vacation rental marketing results.

Professional Phone & Voicemail Services

Handle your vacation rental like a business, and every business has its own number. We offer professional phone services to keep your personal life and vacation rental business separate. Our phone services are intuitively designed to help manage your reservation requests. We offer 1-800 phone numbers and vanity numbers to give you that professional touch. Our phone services include transcribed voicemail and a professional custom greeting with custom messages to help you brand your rental business.

Travel Writing & Sales Scripts

Every owner needs content, after all content is what drives the Internet. If you want to drive internet traffic to your websites, listings and vacation rental advertising, you’ll need to leverage the power of extraordinary content. Travel writing is important to "attract and compel" travelers. We create content optimized for use in your website and marketing.The right content gets travelers to your website but a well written sales script will help make them make the decision to book your rental.

Social Marketing & Management

Social marketing is of great importance when search engines like Google determine websites relevance and ranking in search results. Social marketing is sort of like a popularity contest, who’s got the most friends and the most influence. But with all the social networks that seem to be popping up everyday, who has time to invest into social marketing and management? Our customers don’t, let us show you how we make social marketing easy for owners.

Email Marketing & Inquiry Management

You’ll want to keep in touch with all those renters who inquire and booked your vacation home. Email marketing is a very important factor in any complete vacation rental marketing strategy. Our powerful vacation rental software will help you easily communicate to new and existing rental customers. You’ll like how easily you can manage all those inquiries. Our V.R. software reduces the stress and leg work while increasing your inquiry to booking ratio.

Online Marketing Strategies

Vacation rental marketing has changed over the years. The days of a vacation rental listing website yielding the return an owner needs are gone. Vacation rental owners need to diversify their marketing efforts to succeed in todays market.Villa Marketers will advertise your holiday home on more than just listing sites. We add your website and property to directories, blogs, forums, travel websites and our own vacation rental marketing networks.

Branded Reservation Email

Villa Marketers will create: A reservation email to help you stay organized with your rental Don’t lose vacation rental bookings be notified to your desktop, phone or text. You’ll have a secure professional email center to handle reservations You’ll be conveniently alerted when you have an inquiry for your vacation home, with features galore.

Website Marketing & Listing Promotion

We help make your website popular with services like backlinking, blogging, search engine marketing (SEM) and we advertise everywhere! We’ll optimize and promote your vacation rental listings for you. We can increase exposure to vacation rental ads and websites by nearly 63% compared to when owners do it themselves; that equals a lot more bookings for you.

Press Release Services

No vacation rental marketing plan is complete without the service of a powerful press release. With the explosion of the internet a press release can be in the front of millions of people overnight. A press release helps your vacation rental marketing reach more people by the distributing your marketing message across a stack of authoritative news sites like Google News & USATODAY. We create and market newsworthy stories for your rental business.

Merchant Account Setup

Turn more reservations into rental bookings by accepting more forms of payment: all major credit cards, e-checks and PayPal. Accept credit cards over the phone with your friendly mobile app for smart phones. Operate a complete online booking system with Villa Marketers. Your vacation home marketing consultant will assist you with creating a merchant account for your rental income. Create invoices and receive your payment quick and secure.

Vacation Rental Marketing Tools

Take advantage of our vacation rental marketing tools and services that include e-flyers/ brochures, logo design, and business cards. Develop a complete well rounded vacation rental marketing strategy by advertising your vacation rental home online and offline using the best V.R. marketing tools on the planet. Villa Marketers services include vacation rental marketing, vacation home website design, virtual tours and more.

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