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How To Persuade Guests To Stay Longer
If you want to squeeze every ounce of income you can from your vacation rental marketing dollars, then this little tip will help you out.

This vacation rental marketing tip can make thousands of dollars in extra bookings over a year.

How do professional vacation rental marketers get vacationers to book extra nights?

It’s Easy! Lets say; a vacationer books your vacation home, if there happens to be a few days available, either in the beginning or toward the end of their travel dates, consider offering a special promotion to encourage vacationers to book more nights in your home.

Are you asking every vacationer to stay longer? If you don’t ask them they wont.

If you’re not practicing this sales technique, you’re leaving money on the table and empty spots on your calendar. Not every guest will say yes but there are many that will take you up on your offer. Vacation rental marketers have been successfully squeezing more income from their clients with this sales tip.

What is the right way to do this?

You can easily get guests to stay longer by following up with your vacationers after there is a confirmed reservation. I will pre-warn you, do not mention this rental discount upfront because it can muddy the waters and work against you, instead of helping you.

Once you’ve collected the monies for the initial dates your vacationers would like to book, then you can offer them a reason to stay longer in your vacation rental.

When is the right time to ask vacationers to stay longer?

You can do it at the point of sale after the order has been processed or you can follow-up with your renters with a friendly email. You can do both, if they are not interested at the time over the phone, send them an email as a reminder.

What type of discount should I offer my vacation rental guests?

The point is to make the offer alluring and hard to resist. You can try this out a few times on vacationers to see how they react to your special offer.

If you want to hear immediate feedback offer them the discount over the phone. I’ve seen this work with a 25% discount but you may want to consider as much as 50%.

I can hear some owners saying WOW that’s a lot. If you sincerely believe there is a good chance you will book the dates with other vacationers than you can hold your guns.

However if it’s very possible the dates will go un-booked then I would go for it. Try the technique until you get a WOW from your guests, you then know you’ve got a good marketing tool to help you make more money at the end of the year.

Why should you use this sales technique?

You’ve already spent your vacation rental marketing dollars with luring vacation rental ads to get these vacationers to see your property, why not make the most of every booking you get, especially if those days are going to sit empty anyway.

Smart business people understand this concept, you’ve already made a good profit from these guest.

You’ve charged them your regular rates for the dates they originally requested but now you have a chance to scrape up a little with what you already have.

Its like squeezing that extra bit out of your toothpaste before you give up on it and toss it away.

You’ve paid for the entire tube of toothpaste, why throw away the tube with giving it a squeeze before you do?

Squeeze more profits from your bookings without spending any more on marketing using this vacation rental marketing strategy.

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