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By November 2, 2013 Marketing

matt landau

Matt Landau’s Vacation Rental Marketing Blog

I’ve got some exciting news for you, it’s now official, the game will never be the same!

Villa Marketers and Matt Landau have banded together creating a powerful partnership which will change the game of vacation rental marketing forever. If you haven’t heard of Matt Landau check your pulse, you just might be dead.  Matt is a rockstar and a leading light in the vacation rental industry. He is a true professional and one of the absolute best in the V.R. world and for this very reason we have brought him on to the V.M. Team.

I would like to ask YOU to please give Matt Landau a great big warm welcome to the V.M. Team.


What makes Matt Landau a vacation rental marketing expert?


Armed with the experience of marketing his own vacation rental fleet in Panama City, Panama for 8 years, vacation rental columnist Matt Landau knows a lot about what doesn’t work…


Originally an Economics major from New Jersey, Matt started with a very analytical approach to marketing his vacation rentals.


And upon realizing that a gigantic portion of owners and managers are oftentimes strapped for both time and cash, Matt set out to use his findings to fill a particular niche in the vacation rental industry:


To provide individuals with innovative, inexpensive, and yet ultra-effective tips to generate more bookings.


In his quest to inspire vacation rental professionals, Matt moonlights as a marketing columnist for HomeAway and FlipKey, amongst a host of other industry giants…


And his home base, the Vacation Rental Marketing Blog, is Google’s #1 vacation rental marketing blog consisting of hundreds of free articles and videos: all produced with the aspiring yet layman vacation rental owner in mind.


But perhaps what makes Matt’s work so unique is his central philosophy:


That in order to generate more bookings, owners and managers must focus less on selling prospective guests and more on helping them.


This “Help, Don’t Sell” mantra is the nucleus of Matt’s work: providing a straightforward yet impactful way for anyone to build loyalty, draw hoards of repeat guests, and edge out your competition using simple resources under your nose.


If you are a driven vacation rental professional looking to generate more income from your property, join Matt’s Free Weekly Newsletter: a goldmine of tips, hacks, and revelations that have helped thousands of people set occupancy records year after year.


As a testament to the theme of resourcefulness, Villa Marketers clients can also download several of Matt’s free eBooks on VRLeap: the world’s first marketplace for vacation rental tools and services.

Why should you be excited about Matt Landau joining Villa Marketers?

This alliance has helped to further establish a league of extraordinary professionals united and wholeheartedly sold out to helping V.R. owners and professionals, just like you.

Stay tuned for free empowering contributions from Matt, Villa Marketers and myself Jay William. If you haven’t done so already, sign up to receive our vacation rental marketing blog newsletter to get secret subscriber only strategies for free from Matt and Villa Marketers.

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