New “Vacation Rental Community” Breaks The Marketing Mold! (Video)

The New Vacation Rental Community Has A Name…


Behind The Scenes Look At The New “Vacation Rental Community” It Has A Name…

Today I’ve got a video I’m sharing with you where I take you behind the scenes of the vacation rental community we’ve been building.

Honestly, as I was calling what we’re building a “community” or even a “social network” it felt like I was doing it an injustice.

Why? Because those labels don’t really describe what it truly is and is becoming. Yes, it is both a community and a social network but it is so much more than that.

That’s why I decided to give the “vacation rental community” an identity and develop the brand to help distinguish it from a regular-ol community. I will begin to inform you of what it really is and it’s powerful benefits.  


We’re calling it Rental Circles.  


I thought instead of telling you how Rental Circles could help you generate bookings for your vacation rental, I’d show you.

I’ll be sharing with you how to use and leverage Rental Circles through several videos like this one I’m sharing now.

In today’s video I walk you through how to create your account and pimp out your profile page.

The purpose of joining Rental Circles is to get more bookings,  become a better owner or manager and support the desperately needed change in the way we market vacation rentals today.  

In the video I help you get  familiar with the dashboard and tools available. Rental Circles is in its beta version. Be on the look-out for new developments coming from Villa Marketers and The best is yet to come.

We’re now beginning to see organic traffic growth from Google and we want you to get in early. We do need your help, feedback and support to create something great here.

It’s the first and only tool like it designed to aid property managers and owners everywhere in developing their independence and businesses. I’m committed to its continued development and with your help we together can make an impact much faster.

Remember it is free to join and market your vacation rentals. Get it now – don’t miss out!


Why Rental Circles?

I didn’t want to build the same old things that don’t offer REAL solutions for us. I wanted to create an alternative quite the opposite of the current marketing options available today in the VR industry .

I wanted to create something innovative that breaks the mold of how vacation rental owners think about marketing and listing sites. Something that didn’t currently exist.

Our industry is broken. Listing sites are not the answer! I think we’ve seen that time and time again. They’ve let us down one way or another, wouldn’t you say? We need something different and I believe I’m on to something. 

Listing sites haven’t created anything truly sustainable. While they currently fill a need in your marketing portfolio they do not offer long-term marketing equity for vacation rental businesses.

That’s why I created the only vacation rental marketing tool that helps you develop your brand and business, while advertising your listing, unheard of right?

The next upcoming videos I’ll be sharing will set-off some light bulbs, I’m sure.

Don’t miss out, follow along with me and get the rest of the tutorial/training videos.

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