Scariest Mistake “Vacation Rental Marketers” Make

By July 14, 2014 Blogging

One mistake marketers make that makes Google mad!


What is the biggest most common mistake vacation rental marketers make? It’s pretty scary!

When vacation rental owners are marketing their properties all too often they copy and paste their rental descriptions from one VR website to all their other vacation rental listing sites. Are you doing that too?

Owners and property managers BOTH do this without a thought of what it does to their own vacation rental website rankings and their other marketing sources.

Stop it! It’s killing your profits!

Vacation rental owners are really not marketers by trade or else they’d know not to do this.

They are busy people with many things going on in their lives and they want to save time,therefore they reuse one property description across all of their paid and free vacation rental websites like VRBO, HomeAway, Flipkey etc.

The problem with using the same vacation rental description on every website is, Google will hate you for it! Oh No!

You never want to be on the wrong side of Google. Google takes this stuff serious.

Google users don’t like to find “duplicate content” when they click on different links while  searching for something.

As a result of pissing off Google, they will kill your website AND listings ,burying their bodies on page 54 of their search results, where no one will ever find you!!!

Scared? YOU SHOULD BE! Its your money we’re talking about here!

If you want to maximize bookings and get all you can from your  advertisements, then you need to always (I mean always) use original content for your website and on every “VRBO” listing site you’re  on.

Geez…. don’t kill the messenger. I can hear you groaning from here. Your complaint probably sounds like this “it was hard enough to come up with one description let alone two or three!

Trust me I feel your pain but… there is relief. The problem owners and property managers have with creating original content for every rental listing site is obvious.

It takes time to create great content and who has any free time these days?

 Posting vacation rental listings and uploading your property pictures onto different rental websites is a daunting task, one that no one really wants to do. . Then…. whats the answer?

 You have two options:

1. Write the descriptions yourself  (the hard way)

2. Hire a ghostwriter to partner with you on this task! (the easy way)

Adjusting your ads today will increase your profits tomorrow. It’s something you can work on right now to boost bookings improving what you already have.

If you’re prepared to deal with all the DIY challenges more power to you, we’d still like to help. You can find some useful blogs to help you learn how to create content when you sign up for our newsletter!

However if you’re like most vacation rental owners, you really don’t have the time to do it all. I advise you to hire a professional for these types of things.

Why,you might ask me, should I hire a professional to write my property description?

The reasons you should hire a professional to write your vacation rental website and marketing content are bountiful.

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