How Many Times Should I Follow Up on a Vacation Rental Inquiry?

By January 8, 2015 Marketing

 Vacation Rental Inquiry Tips!

How Many Times Should You Follow Up with a Vacation Rental  Inquiry?
asnwering vacation rental inquires - following up
Recently, we posted a step-by-step process showing you how you can make the most of your inquiries by responding to a vacation rental inquiry more quickly using a free app. In another video, we encouraged you to set a five minute rule: respond to a vacation rental inquiry within five minutes!

Today, I want to help you make your inquiry conversion better by being persistent in your responses. The big question is,


How many times should you follow up with an vacation rental inquiry or lead?

How many times are you personally responding to your vacation rental leads? We’d love to hear. Please leave your answer in the comments section below.


Consider this: Fifty percent of leads/inquiries are not yet ready to buy when they first contact you. In fact, only 2% will buy at the first point of contact; 98% will only buy once a certain level of trust has been built up. (Source: Gleanster Research.)


But we usually stop trying after the first time and give up on our vacation rental leads if they don’t reply or if they don’t give us a favorable response.


We’re doing something wrong!


What we need to learn how to do is be persistent and build that trust without being pushy. How do we do that?

We find a way to stay on the top of their mind.


Think about it. Someone is looking for a vacation home and sends out inquiries to about 20 different properties. Who’s going to stand out?


The vacation home owner who responds only once? No. The one who responds twice? No. The one who keeps getting in touch with them and following up, thus, keeping their property in front of the potential guest so they don’t forget you.


How many times should you respond to a vacation rental inquiry? Five times. Five!


I know that seems like a lot, but you can do it! In upcoming posts, we’ll learn how to respond more frequently to these inquiries, providing your guests with help, new information, ideas, and offers for assistance.  And we’ll learn how to do so in a way that is manageable and organized.


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