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Key To Marketing A Vacation Rental Online Today Tips For Rental Success

Vacation Rental Marketing Blog

Most  vacation rental website design firms won’t offer anything above and beyond the design of a vacation rental website or maybe a virtual tour. If they do they don’t offer anything intense to guarantee you get rental bookings for your vacation rental home, they just don’t want that responsibility. It’s not an easy job to keep rentals coming in it takes time, work and experience to do it right. Although here at Villa Marketers we are the trend setters in vacation  rental website design we didn’t get into this business as web-site designers we got into this vacation rental business by working with real estate agents needing a way for the their investor’s properties to be more successful with rentals, so their real estate investors would purchase more properties with them.
Most vacation rental owners we were in contact with had one common issue; the vacation home wasn’t producing what it needed to. It may have had something to do with their own vacation rental marketing or lack there of, their property manager or lack of control or involvement with their property. I have made many contacts since I had started working years ago in this industry. This insight from property managers, home owners/ investors and realtors is what helped give us our edge in the vacation rental marketing arena. We understand the market and our number one priority is to get owners bookings all the other stuff are just the tools that you need to obtain that goal. Our marketing packages is why investors seek us out, however we do offer website design as a separate product should you just want a website alone. After creating your website your going to want to make the website work for you but if travelers can’t find your website how will you get rentals?
Keyword Research For Vacation Rentals & Hotels
This is an important part of your marketing campaign. Keyword research is exactly as it sounds researching keywords. Keywords that your potential renters are typing in search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, MSN and thousands of others when they are searching for that perfect vacation home. This is often overlooked initially but this step is crucial to a website being successful. If you have no keywords or you’re using the wrong keywords in your campaign you aren’t attracting relevant traffic to your website and you will see little action.
SEO For Vacation Rentals
Vacation Rentals SEO : Seacrh Engine Optimization is a very important part of developing your website. This is actually marketing but it is done after completion of the site and implementing the keywords we research and placing them in strategic places within the site to bring relevant renters to your website. This is the process of tuning up your website and getting it ready for information highwayMerchant account & invoicing  (accept online payments)
Most transactions will be paid by credit card so you will need to be able to accept business payments for your rental. It is of the utmost importance to use secure, reliable and easy to use payment options to help you convert more people who look to book. Credit card processing increases your sales conversion.
In order to be successful with keeping rentals coming in you will need to market your property online. It isn’t enough to do one form of villa advertising. You need a well rounded vacation rental marketing campaign that will encompass all of the major marketing avenues such as classifieds both domestic and international classifieds to reach a broader market. Everyone has a Facebook and or Twitter account these days you’ll need one too. Social marketing is the future of not just vacation rental advertising but advertising as a whole. It is important to have a social media following if your going to get serious about making your investment property a successful venture.
Rental ad posting creating specific rental adverts throughout the Internet with your vacation property profile on many different advertising websites. When marketing online you will also use the keywords that were researched infused in the ads your create for your vacation rental proeprty. This type of online marketing is very time consuming but effective as the ads get old quickly so it is important to keep posting weekly ads about your vacation home. Email marketing and pay per click ads are other ways to advertise online. Marketing is a continuous process deploying certain marketing tactics on schedule for the maximum impact.
Website & Advertising  Content
You will need to have articles written for your website. With articles and content it would be so easy if we could just copy and past however if you use other materials from other websites and resources your website will get penalized from search engines as “duplicate content” in addition you may be infringing on someones copyrights. With the content you also need your keyword research so you can use the keywords in the articles, ads and content created. It is also important where you place these keywords implementation of the keywords is called “keyword density” it has to be just right to get the best results.
Villa Owners Resources & Vacation Rental Support
When starting to rent out your vacation rental home alone there is a learning curve and you will need help along the way. Without the tools, support and resources available to you there will likely be alot of wasted time and money spent on resources that don’t produce for you. Wouldn’t it be good if you could get the support you need when you need it. That’s what we were are here for you. We walk you through the whole vacation development and marketing process from beginning to bookings. We provide regular advise and consulting about your marketing campaigns improvements and suggested adjustments. We provide insightful marketing materials which help you operate an effective and efficient rental business, with out the learning curve.
There is alot more that we do. I hope I haven’t bored you with details, however I feel it is important to share with you what is involved with starting up on the Internet and about the vacation rental marketing solutions we offer for owners.  We have developed a rental marketing solution for every one’s budget and needs. The package choice is yours on how aggressive you want to be with your marketing. We guarantee our marketing packages success. With just one booking it can pay for your entire start up cost. Most vacation rental properties need to be booking at least 23 to 26 weeks to break even.
If you would like to seriously market your vacation rental property and make your investment property a success contact Villa Marketers for a free vacation rental marketing consultation   407-749-8159
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