Vacation Rental Video Tours & Travel Videos: 5,253 YouTube Hits Equals $6,416.00 For 2 Owners

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Vacation Rental Video Tours & Virtual Tours

Owners Make $6416.00 in bookings!


Vacation rental virtual tours and video tours are a great way to showcase your vacation rentals but can video tours help you make more vacation rental bookings. Video tours are a proven way to increase your vacation rental bookings. A video tour for your vacation rental can give would be travelers a way to see your vacation rental without stepping foot inside it.

Vacation rental owners have known the benefits of having a vacation rental video tour as a presentation tool. However many vacation rental owners have not considered the benefits of having a travel video added to their vacation rental advertising efforts.

A video tour of your vacation rental is  great but think even bigger!

The travel video tour above was shot by me Jay William. Our marketing team was in South Carolina shooting virtual tours of a resort in Myrtle Beach South Carolina. They shot videos of the resort amenities and the facilities. However my travel experience to Myrtle Beach was not being translated fully in those vacation rental video tours. The tours did a phenomenal job of showing off the property and the condos’ view of Myrtle Beach. However there was just so much the traveler is missing in the vacation rental video. The vacation property was smack in the middle of all the action in Myrtle Beach but you couldn’t tell that in the video tours. Yes, sure you seen the beach was right there but what about the boardwalk, the great restaurants, how about those funnel cakes or the Golf Courses and cool shows nearby.

Later I shot some video footage of nearby attractions like the cool zip line and the Myrtle Beach strip. It took a couple of days to get all the footage because there was so much to see in different areas of South Carolina/ Myrtle Beach area. Not to mention that the weather was not cooperating with us with rain showers and storms scattered at all different times of the day. Thats just what sometimes comes along with creating a video tour.

Creating the video was well worth the time and money it took to create it. The video tour has not seen its full potential yet as it will continue to provide bookings for the owners in Myrtle Beach. This myrtle beach video tour has already helped two owners secure $6416.00 in rental income between the two of them. In addition to that this video tour has opened up opportunities for the owner from contacts that were made from other travel professionals in the Myrtle Beach area who also wanted to use the video. This vacation video tour has several comments from enthuasistic travelers and people interested in Myrtle Beach. The video tour envokes the emotion of travelers getting them excited. Proof of the excitement created by the video is comments!

Here are just a couple of YouTube comments and recent activity from the Myrtle Beach travel video.

“Thumbs up if you live/want to live in Myrtle Beach:)!” Posted by Foxy96girl

“WOOOOOOOO Myrtle Beach!” Posted By xCanadianBacon

“I remember going there when I was a little kid. It was awesome! I hope I can go back some day.” Posted By Katana991
(This is just the type of traveler you can attract to visit your vacation rental or property)

Currently the travel tour has 5,253 hits which is continuing to rise. By the time you see this video the stats would have undoubtedly risen. As the views rise so do the opportunities. This video tour was able to secure $6416.00 for two owners who were contacted by a family traveling to Myrtle Beach and needed two properties for their group. The owner gladly offered to help them book two vacation rentals for their guests. The owner only owned one property in Myrtle Beach but was able to quickly secure a property from a fellow condo owner in the resort. He negotiated the other owners property for a low rate as it was for an extended stay and it was in low season. The owner who created this travel video tour in addition to his vacation rental tour was greatly compensated for his investment. The owner of the video received approx 4100.00 leaving the other owner only $2316.00 in this case both owners won but the one with the video tour got the most money. If this owner had two properties the owner would have received the entire amount leaving the other owner with nothing.

Vacation rental video tours are a must but you should really consider creating an awesome travel video to help advertise your vacation rental.Think what a great video you could create of your vacation rental location features. Is your vacation rental, resort or vacation property located by attractions that could help sell your vacation rental to potential renters?

If you can get your renters excited you’ve won the battle and you will close the deal if you’ve managed to do that! A video tour like the one above will help you it!

Here at Villa Marketers we work hard to create solutions to your vacation rentals problems. If you need help marketing your vacation rental or creating a vacation rental video tour. Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have. We are always here to help.

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